Our ethos is simple but ambitious and has been the guiding light for our business dream. At salt, we want to celebrate the abundance of produce available locally and promote this incredible part of the world we get to call home. We know our concept is not reinventing the wheel but we put a lot of love into our food so it’s only fair we source food that has been grown or made with love too. Luckily, down here on the South Coast, we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by a passionate community of farmers and producers.

It may be seen as trendy to want to promote local produce but our reasons run deeper than marketing trends. Not only do we want to facilitate a connection with the people and land around us, but we understand that food grown locally and with minimum intervention is packed full of flavour and nutrition. We want to serve food that we want to eat, it’s as simple as that. Alongside flavour and nutrition as worthy reasons to serve local produce, it is also sustainable. We understand that the choices we make within our food system have a monumental role to play in the health of the world and so by choosing suppliers that respect nature and her needs, we can feel confident that we are playing a minor part in positively affecting the system.

Part of this ethos means that our customers will be served all sorts of different things, dependent on the season and availability.

Our hope is to create a space that gives all people the chance to access and taste the incredible produce grown and farmed in and by their local community. As well as serving local produce in our dishes, we also plan to create a retail space for products made in-house such as pickles, chutneys and ferments as well as support local businesses by selling regionally sourced products including our coffee.