A passion and love of food is at the heart of salt. One of the main pillars of salt is to support local producers and connect our customers with the abundance of fresh produce grown in the region. The food at salt is reflective of this ethos meaning the menu changes seasonally, and there will be plenty of preserves, ferments and pickles.

We believe in simplicity and letting good produce speak for itself. You can expect to find many of your classic cafe favourites as well as seasonal mix plates, flavoursome veggie bowls, grazing boards, and dishes inspired by our experiences.

our current menu

come in to check out our selection of seasonal sandwiches, toasties, sweets and other delicious specials

toast (v ∙ vg ∙ gfo) $9

local sourdough, served with butter + optional spreads
homemade seasonal jam/marmalade ∙ local honey ∙ nut butter ∙ nutella ∙ vegemite

fruit toast (v) $10

orange + raisin toast, served with butter + optional spreads

homemade seasonal jam/marmalade ∙ local honey   

bacon + egg roll (gfo) $18

Rapley & Son’s smokey bacon ∙ Egan’s Farm egg ∙ rocket ∙ homemade tomato relish ∙ Kewpie mayo

veg brekky roll (v ∙ vgo ∙ gfo) $18

portobello mushroom & thyme ∙ Egan’s Farm egg ∙ rocket ∙ homemade tomato relish ∙ Kewpie mayo

chai spiced granola (v · vgo · gfo) $16

chai spiced granola ∙ maple cinnamon pear ∙ yoghurt ∙ chai syrup

breakfast plate (v ∙ vg ∙ gfo) $8+

local sourdough toast with your choice of sides:

  • Egan's fried egg 
  • Rapley's bacon
  • smoked salmon
  • avocado
  • mushroom
  • Persian feta
  • tomato
  • homemade tomato relish
  • Immy's chili oil

classic toastie (gfo) $16

Rapley’s ham ∙ tomato relish ∙ cheese

broccoli toastie (v ∙ gfo) $16

roasted broccoli ∙ sun dried tomato pesto ∙ parmesan

+ Rapley’s ham $4

chicken burger (gfo) $20

teriyaki popcorn chicken ∙ purple cabbage slaw ∙ pickled cucumber ∙ wasabi mayo

Immy's bento bowl (v ∙ vg ∙ gfo) $24

brown sushi rice ∙ black sesame greens ∙ chili zucchini ∙ soy pumpkin ∙ Egan's fried egg ∙ sesame citrus dressing ∙ pickles ∙ furikake

+ optional add-ons:

  • homemade chili oil
  • Egan's fried egg
  • avocado
  • Rapley's bacon 
  • Tuross Butchery chicken

favourites from the salt vault


WE DO NOT TAKE RESERVATIONS If you own or love a local small business on the south coast we'd love to collaborate - drop us a line :)